Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Say, you haven't had a KAR FAQ in a while. How about doing one soon? -- A. Stawker, Dakota County Workhouse.

You got it.

I am writing to tell you that this blog's quality has severely declined over the past month. --Fred F., Minneapolis.

What's that? Could you repeat yourself? I couldn't hear you over the sound of all my traffic.

What do you think of this letter? --Biff Q., Minnetonka

When I think of this failed presidency, two images come to mind. The first is that anonymous, hooded prisoner at Abu Ghraib, standing Christ-like with his arms out-stretched and electrodes attached to his body, symbolizing the utter contempt this administration has shown toward human rights, international law and any vestige of common decency or compassion.

The second is that of the many victims of Hurricane Katrina, who waited in vain for the help that never came, symbolizing this president's complete abandonment of the American people -- especially those without deep pockets or special connections to the imperial halls of power.

Yes, Garrison Keillor, it is time to impeach (Opinion Exchange, March 5). Unfortunately the gang of criminals now controlling all three branches of government won't allow that to happen any time soon. But we should keep these images in mind, come November, if by then we still have the power to take our country back from the thugs who have nearly destroyed it.


When I think of this drooling asshole's idea of how to defend this country from murderous vermin who indiscriminately kill innocent people (i.e. treating acts of terrorism as a law enforcement issue, allowing murderous dictators to game the system ad infinitum while taking money intended for humanitarian purposes and using it to build palaces and fund - oops I almost slipped there; of course Sadaam never EVER dealt with terrorists - etc.), four images come to mind. The first is a jet flying into a skyscraper. The second is another jet flying into a different skyscraper. The third is a jet flying into the Pentagon. And the fourth is pollanna dipshit drooling douchebag serial letter writers like this dumbfarg constantly carping about how they know an oh-so-much better way.

Yes, Dementee, it is time to eat this asshole.



Are you aware that Captain Ed has acquired Powerline Syndrome? - Rob, Milwaukee.

I am now.

For those that don't know, Powerline Syndrome is a rare but powerful affliction that occurs when major league big time bloggers fail to read KAR. Its symptoms include coming up with an idea, a piece of analysis or interesting item independently a week or more after KAR has already written the comprehensive post on the subject (albeit with much much less gravitas).

Ed exhibited the symptoms this morning writing about how South Dakota's new anti abortion law is the natural result of a philosophy that looks favorably upon judicial activism.

I made the same point almost two weeks ago, when the idea was still cutting-edge. And I used the word "poop" more.

Can I be on your exclusive "Rainbow of Flavaz" blogroll? --Ben "Whiteboy" Worley, Hopkins.(*)

Not after you said that I am a "bad person" who "deserves" to get strep.

Honey always catches more flies than vinegar. But then again, I'm not a fly. I'm a blogger who gets three to four times your traffic, so my bite hurts more.

Better luck next time.

* Actual e-mail question received by KAR.

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