Thursday, March 23, 2006

Leave the Lying Sack Alone (for now)

What I have to say here may get me eaten by Dementee. But...


Enough with the Dean Johnson thing. Stop it stop it stop it stop it!

The MN GOP is beginning to look like a bunch of Democrats. With their neverending-day-after-day-demogoguing and grandstanding about Dean Johnson stepping in a pile of poop and then employing various euphamisms that come right up to, but stop at the edge of, admitting that he was caught in a lie. We get it.

Enough with the press releases. Enough with the ad campaigns. And a freaking website dedicated to this?


You are beginning to look foolish. This is what they do: catch their bete noir of the week in a gotcha, and bloviate endlessly about corruption or honesty or whatever. Blech.

You know what you do in situations like this? You cry foul for a couple of days about it so that the issue gets the attention it deserves, and then you stick the arrow back in your quiver, and leave it there until elections roll around. That's the time to use it. Ever hear of "peaking too soon"?

"Oh but we need to file an ethics complaint because if we didn't, we'd be tacitly endorsing Dean's behavior!"

Oh really? What if the complaint is dismissed?

Then your best weapon for pushing this jerk out of office just evaporates.

I dunno. Maybe I think this way because I don't wallow in politics like some. I have more regard for the system than those who operate within it. Like most people (I hope) I don't elevate politicians to demi-god status, nor do I consider any single election to be either the salvation or downfall of our civilization. I don't self righteously proclaim myself virtuous because I voted for the guy who will raise taxes on somebody else to purportedly help the least among us, and call it "compassion." Politics is a means, but by no means an end.

I suppose I think this way because I am more concerned with those things over which I have immediate power to affect. I have a family to look after. I have a career. I have to cogitate daily about how to work the word "poop" into a blog post. The nimrods in St. Paul or Washington DC - not so much.

This is what it means to be "conservative." It certainly doesn't mean merely tacking an "R" after your name. And it sure as hell doesn't mean playing the game the same way that a bunch of knee-jerk hate-filled spittle-flecking left-wing activists play it. If that strategy were actually effective, they'd be playing "Hail to the Chief" every time John Kerry walked into the room right now.

Ponder that, MN GOP, before you issue that next DEAN JOHNSON IS A LIAR!!! press release (which I'm sure just arrived in my inbox as I wrote that last sentence).

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