Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Leave the Lying Sack Alone

Amazing what passes for an example of integrity today. The letters to the Star & Sickle are too damn funny for words.

The same members of the Looney Left who claim W lied because he relied on bad information, can’t bring themselves to call Dean Johnson a liar for making statements he KNEW to be false.

Here’s what some of what two of Johnson’s apologists had to say:

Johnson is an [sic] model of integrity that most of us could only dream of aspiring to.


He’s a liar, Aeleah. Dean Johnson is a liar who tried to tried to make his case by accusing several Minnesota State Supreme Court justices of judicial of, at best, judicial impropriety. You are one screwed up individual if that is an illustration of integrity.

But wait, there’s more…

For a fellow clergyman to record a colleague's remarks in such a setting without his knowledge or permission, and then make them public through an organization known to oppose the colleague's position on a political issue is just plain unprofessional, if not entrapment.

Ethics aside, what about simple professional courtesy?


What about not lying to keep your colleagues from continuing to pursue a line of questioning? Did you ever think of that, Robert?

You can’t parse this one: Dean Johnson lied. He lied, he lied, he lied.

And now that his lies have been shown the light of day, he’s changing his story, like a crook, every time he opens his mouth. He actually said he “sanded off the truth.” What the hell does that mean?

Kick his ass out. He said what he said and he needs to pay the price. Not for lying, but for bringing the Supreme Court into this.

Keep track of the unfolding controversy at http://www.sandingoffthetruth.com/.

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