Thursday, March 23, 2006

March Moron Madness

With apologies to the NCAA, I almost fell off my chair when I read the letters from Dean Johnson’s drooling apologists in the SPPP. I had to double check the masthead to make sure it wasn’t the Star & Sickle.

Secret taping was slimy
State Republicans infiltrate a private nonpolitical get-together of Sen. Dean Johnson's fellow ministers and secretly (and illegally) tape it so that they can use cleverly edited parts of it in their anti-gay marriage campaign ads.
St. Paul

Nice language Tamara: “infiltrate”, “cleverly edited”. Do you, being an A-1 idiot, really buy the black helicopter Bullshit you are peddling? Do you think there is a vast rightwing conspiracy out to get Dean Johnson? Does your doctor allow you to operate heavy machinery and handle sharp instruments?

Taping wasn't 'Minnesota Nice'
The real story isn't what Johnson said, but that the partisan opponent who secretly recorded Johnson broke Minnesota law. State code 626A.02 forbids the recording of a conversation by a third party unless one of the people in the conversation knows about the recording. From what's been reported so far, Johnson addressed a group of pastors while another pastor— not part of their conversation— set out to catch him on tape.
St. Paul

Another MENSA member claims the law has been broken. OK, Burt, I’ll play along. How is it possible that the one pastor with a tape recorder was not part of the conversation when he was in the same room as the others and, presumably, was not trespassing?

Not his kind of Christianity
So Sen. Dean Johnson embellished the truth a little. What worries me more is the pastor who, with partisan political paranoia, secretly taped Johnson's remarks and then peddled them to politicos and the press.

Jim loves the letter P, but he can’t seem to tell the difference between a little embellishment and bald-faced lie.

A Minnesota Judas
Pastor Brent Waldemarsen is a present-day Judas.

Under the guise of friendship, he "befriends" a fellow man-of-the-cloth so he can be invited to a pastors' meeting Johnson is attending. Next, he furtively tape-records Johnson's indefensible divergence from truth. He then betrays his fellow clergymen by turning the tape over for public exposure so as to damage Johnson's reputation.

Judas Priest! (That’s for you, Bill). J.M. has been reading too may Vince Flynn novels. All of this cloak and dagger stuff is fun to read, but I’m afraid it has made J.M. more stupid that he already was.

If these letter aren’t proof positive that the Left have gone stark-raving mad, nothing is.

The theme of conspiracy that runs through this pile of putrefied puss is an amazing illustration of just how far the caboose has gone around the bend.

The DFL is dying and Dean is tolling the bell.

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