Monday, March 13, 2006

Moron Mail

Hey! Who let you in here?

We want to address younger Minnesotans -- those in their teens, 20s and 30s.

Hey, that's me! Please - address me.

Polls show that you are not nearly as apoplectic about gay marriage and civil unions as most older folks are.

First of all - polls are worthless. You can get just about any answer you want if you frame the question the right way. Pay attention to them at your own peril.

But be that as it may - nobody is "apoplectic" about gay marriage. That is, unless your definition of "apoplectic" is "a faithfulness to common sense in the face of abject absurdity."

There are some of us older folks who agree with you, not our age cohort, in wondering, "What's all the fuss about?"

You're right! What is all the fuss about? I mean a constitutional amendment whose sole purpose is to keep the law the same as it's been since Minnesota became a state. Why would anybody oppose such a benign proposal? Unless...

Amending constitutions is very serious business. Those who want to amend the Minnesota Constitution would impose on your generation a huge burden -- the need to spend much of your lifetime trying to undo the writing of discrimination into our state's most fundamental document. opposed to 4 justices who can do the same thing in a little under a year. Just ask anyone from Massachusetts.

Make your voice heard, and help prevent this backward step. Your gay and lesbian friends need you to stand with them, just as we older folks are doing.

Oh, spare me.

But maybe you're right - maybe I should make my voice heard!

Political activism may not be your thing,

Damn straight about that.

but now it's time to make it so.


Write, call, e-mail the governor and your state senator and representative to tell them that you don't agree with the fear-mongers who think gay marriage is the end of civilization.

No, I will write, call and e-mail the governor and state representatives to tell them that I don't agree with the Perpetual Victim Community who think that it's perfectly OK to rip the heart out of a law that has served American society well since its conception; and that to do so is not only a totally harmless idea, but to do less is "discrimination".

Thanks for motivating me. I'm now completely down with this "activism" thing. Although it's probably not the type of "activism" you were hoping for.

Tell them you agree with the founding dream of America -- the spread of freedom.

I will! And I will also point out that, contrary to what you would have them believe, the ability to get a marriage license (which would have the approximate value of a very nice sheet of paper should you losers get what you want - through the courts, naturally. To actually have the people vote on something like this would be undemocratic!) does not necessarily equate to "freedom". Those who would posit as much have obviously never been married.

Gay marriage is about commitment and stability -- it's about values that conservatives and liberals agree on.

And as has been said approximate 100 billion times on this blog alone, if you need a state sanction for commitment and stability, you have neither (and the 2 other prominent memes I hear from droolers like you - access to a partner's health care benefits and medical decisions - can be dealt with easily and well short of anything resembling that for which you are not qualified.)

And your generation is way ahead of ours. Speak up!

If you two doorknobs are representative of "your generation," I'd say that you are right.


Maybe you should have only addressed the teens and 20 year-olds - the ones who tend to be long on idealism and way way short on life experience, common sense and perspective. I have a feeling I wasn't the guy you intended to motivate with your condescending yet empty platitudes.

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