Thursday, March 02, 2006

My hate of the Left is growing

These people are not to be believed!

First Dave Thune puts his foot on the throat of bar and restaurant owners in St. Paul and tells them their time would be better spent sprucing up their joints than fighting his smoking ban, now the pointy headed elites on the Star & Sickle editorial board say we are too damned stupid to understand eminent domain.

How do these slobs live with themselves?

I picture them in a castle one might have seen in Medieval England, sitting around a large table drinking mead and stuffing their faces with food:

“So, the great unwashed think we, the educated elites, shouldn’t be able to take their land? Poor bastards, they’re too stupid to understand what’s best for them.”

Look at these choice excerpts:

Critics don't complain about condemning property for roads and other public projects.

Of course not you idiots, that is what eminent domain is for. Read you freaking constitution: “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Even using your tortured Leftist logic, the Best Buy headquarters has nothing to do with PUBLIC USE. I can’t use their daycare center, I can’t use their employee cafeteria, and I wasn’t invited to their parking lot concerts last summer.

Some reforms are needed, but proposed changes in the blight and environmental standards go too far.

OK all knowing and seeing elites, give me a list of what those reforms you would like to see. Typical Leftist claptrap: You don’t offer any ideas of your own, you just tell others how screwed up their ideas are.

These arguments [if you can call them that] may well fail, not because they are wrong but because they are complex.

There’s the money line. The one found in all Star & Sickle editorials. If we serfs were smarter we would understand that the educated elites (read: assholes) are right. But, alas, we are too stupid to understand this because the issue is too complicated for we small-minded ones.

The libertarian lobbies have both momentum and emotion on their side. They use fear to portray property owners as helpless victims of predatory governments eager to condemn their homes solely to reward rich developers.

Libertarian lobbies? Eat me, you phonies. No one can hold a candle the Left when it comes to using fear to push an agenda; children will go hungry, old people will be thrown into the streets.

This issue is not being driven by Libertarians alone, you fear-mongers you. People from all political stripes understand what was started when the socialist sympathizers on the SCOTUS gave government a wide birth to take their property.

It is government-above-all types like you who attempt to downplay the potential abuse, because you want elected officials to have as much power to rule over us as possible so you can build your Socialist Utopia.

It amazes me how educated people can be so damn blind.

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