Monday, March 06, 2006

The Oscar Blinding Arrogance / Irony Report

WARNING: The following post employs the use of a run-on sentence. Reader discretion is advised.

George Clooney got the best supporting actor Oscar, and delivered a speech insinuating that Hollywood isn't out of touch with America, but that America is out of touch with Hollywood.

He then sat through the rest of the ceremony that featured several acknowledgments (both implicit and explicit) of the Industry's sagging box office numbers. After that he took is Swag Bag with about $50,000 worth of goodies in it, presumably went to an afterparty with caviar and Crystal where he cogitated about which starlet to take back to his Beverly Hills mansion and bang that night, all the while completely ignorant of the fact that nobody in America gives a flying shit about what he "thinks".

Irony can be so ironic.

Good luck!

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