Friday, March 31, 2006

Sick and tired of the abuse

I just noticed a passing shot that was taken at yours truly by the main contributor to this blog:

As the Managing Editor of KAR I wish to extend my heartfelt apology for the absolute crappiness of Bill's latest header design. This desecration of the legendary KAR logo is due to Bill's refusal to consult with me or obtain final approval from me. I was given no input (other than the Homer Simpson thing) and the result, as you can see, is disastrous.

OK, so I just noticed it. I have been very busy at work and have not had a lot of time to devote to the blog; reading, writing, or developing new header art. But this slight will not be tollerated.

I am sick of the constant badgering by the aforementioned person to produce new and creative headers on a constant basis, when said person has no idea how much work goes into each one and how long they take to develop.

I am sick of the surreptitious little comments about "pie decoration" and "gift wrapping" meant to call into question my masculinity.

And I am tired of the comments that I do not post enough, and the pressure I am put under to participate more from a contributor standpoint. Other blogs have infrequent contributors, why can't KAR?

I am putting someone on notice: Knock it off or you may not have any header art at all, other than that which you manage to develop yourself. I'd love to see what that looks like.

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