Thursday, March 09, 2006

Somehow, Telling Her to "Suck My Wang" Just Doesn't Seem Appropriate Here

Is there anything ookier than Wendy Wilde talking about blow jobs?

I, personally, think that those people who are so worried about other people's blowjobs should occasionally get one of their own. Then they might be able to refocus their attention on the important work that needs to get done. Like creating good jobs, affordable healthcare, quality education, affordable college, supporting small businesses. Maybe Governor Tim Pawlenty needs a blowjob.

Is that an offer, Wendy? If I were T-Paw (or anyone else for that matter), I'd be inclined to decline.

You might get brought up on beastiality charges.


UPDATE: Yoohooooo. Dementee??? Wendy Wilde has a blog and she's piddling out her trademark drooling stupidity...

Where are you? There's like a decade-worth of material here.

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