Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Too stupid for words, but I’ll try

Some people are just plain clueless and Don Warner of Ham Lake is no exception. There are two letters in today’s Star & Sickle regarding pharmacists who don’t want to dispense birth control because of moral reasons, but Don’s is the most idiotic.

This moron presents three scenarios he claims are analogous to the pharmacist refusing to dispense birth control on moral/religious grounds:

1. Doctor refusing to treat because you drive a gas hog
2. A public defender refusing to represent illegitimate offspring
3. A public school teacher refusing to teach one with differing religious beliefs

Can you figure out the problem here? Dan, for one, doesn’t have a chance, but I know the KAR readers are a lot smarter than that chucklehead.

Dan begins his conclusion thusly, “If pharmacists have a problem with the nature of a drug they are dispensing…”

There it is, Dan, the perfect illustration of why you are a complete and utter moron devoid of any ability to form an argument based on logic.

If a doctor refuses to treat your teenage daughter Syphilis because she arrived at the office driving a Hummer, he’s way off base because the treatment and the reason for refusing it are in no way related.

If, however, a pharmacist won't dispense birth control because he refuses to support your hose-bag teenage daughter’s desire to give more than a hummer, at least there’s a correlation.

So, Dan, it appears you have two problems here: First is your inability to create a analogy that stands up to scrutiny.

Second, your daughter is a slut who needs to be reined in before she makes you a grandfather before your time.

Good luck, Dan.

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