Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Visit the Corn Palace - Now 100% Moonbat-Free!

The South Dakota legislature just passed an unenforceable law banning most abortions in the stat for the sole purpose of again putting the issue before a now (real or perceived) friendly Supreme Court. The moonbats - oblivious to the irony that this is the natural result when you espouse the view that the judicial branch has unlimited latitude to manufacture laws - have reacted predictably. What does the Perpetually Sneering Community usually do to draw attention to themselves in an act of conspicuous outrage? Boycott!

The South Dakota Legislature’s passage of an abortion ban bill prompted an angry reaction from abortion-rights supporters who vowed to boycott the state’s tourism industry.

The state Department of Tourism received a dozen e-mails and a number of angry phone calls Friday from abortion-rights supporters who say they will not vacation in South Dakota.

A dozen e-mails? Whoa! The DOT must have been overwhelmed! The very thought of the threat of a bloc of people, most of whom never visit South Dakota anyway, staying away in droves must have the good folks in Pierre quaking in their moccasins.

Frankly, I think it's a selling point: "South Dakota: Come for the Monuments; Stay for the Refreshing Absence of Self-Righteous Annoying People!"

If I were a SoDak Chamber of Commerce member, I wouldn't be too concerned. Remember the last Kos Kiddie inspired economic recrimination called "Not One Damn Dime Day"? In protest of the fact that 52% of the country decided that an efette empty suit sugar baby with no discernable position on any issue (that he could state in public, anyway) from Massachusetts would be a bad president, these fools called for the suspension of moonbat economic activity for one entire day. Word has it that several patchouli vendors and socialist book stores had a rough day, but pretty much everyone else didn't notice.

Its a moot point anyway. Even if they did travel to or through South Dakota, the moonbats would have a hard time paying for it, since most credit cards are issued from South Dakota. I mean if you really want to inflict an economic penalty on an entire state, then you're going to have to eschew that state's largest export: plastic.

Looks like they'll be paying for that skim half-caff soy latte in cash. And those credit cards come in pretty handy since the job market has historically not paid a premium for people with Women's Studies degrees.

So don't worry South Dakota, you'll be just fine.

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