Friday, March 10, 2006

Wendy Wilde wants people to die

Based on her rants about protecting the environment, I must conclude that Wendy approves of the FDA policy banning certain types of inhalers.

If my conclusion is correct, and I believe it is, then Wendy Wilde prefers to watch asthmatics suffocate and die in the streets than allow them access to the lifesaving medicine they need.

How might Wendy react to the site of an innocent victim losing their life so the ozone layer might live:

“Die, asthma boy, die. Pollute my air no more with your poisonous inhaler,” cackled Wendy Wilde as she passed yet another person, this one a young child, who fell to their knees and died in the middle of Hennepin avenue during another smog-generating rush hour. “My lungs are strong and I can breathe, if you can’t you don’t deserve to live,” she continued.

What a cold, heartless bitch.

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