Monday, March 13, 2006

Your Monday Morning Sopranos Breakdown


* Ray Curto - Rat bastard whacked by natural causes.

* Gene Pontecorvo - Rat bastard Sopronno soldier who I don't recall ever seeing on the show before; Victim of a self-whacking.

* Tony Soprano - Victim of an attempted (possibly successful) whacking by dementia-riddled and delusional Uncle Junior.


Could be that this was actually the "last" episode (anybody else notice that Tony referred to Janice's baby as a "15 month old"? seems that a lot of time has elapsed since the end of last season) and the remainder of the season will be told in reverse order or in flashbacks. We'll know for sure next week when we'll either see Tony convalescing in a hospital, or in the converse, no reference at all to the incident.

If last night's episonde was indeed the temporal "end" of the story, I am gravely disappointed that that greasy-lipped f*ck Phil Leotardo survived.

And now that the non-vituperative postings are out of the way, please stay tuned for the latest edition of Moron Mail.

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