Thursday, April 20, 2006

And the MOB's Most Eligible Bachelor Is...

Bobo has the announcement.

I'll post a full breakdown of the voting later.

UPDATE: Here are the stats.

5. KAR's very own Head of Alfredo Garcia did not do us proud, managing a mere 3 votes - a dismal Green Party like (except in Minneapolis) 4% of the total votes cast.

4. In second last place, there is a controversy. I included Ben "Pigment-Free" Worley who is indeed a bachelor, however his "eligibility" is dubious. It is my understanding that in order to be an "eligible bachelor" one must be desirable. I'm sure everyone agrees that a lonely guy who likes to photograph his parrots while they are fucking possesses dubious desirability. I also neglected to include Kevin Ecker in the poll because I was under the mistaken belief that he is married.

Therefore, I am stripping Ben of all 7 votes that he cast for himself (10% of the vote), and am awarding them to Kevin.

3. Sisyphus takes the third spot with a disappointing 18 votes, or 25% of the total. The enthusiasm of his minions were no doubt depressed by the early and seemingly insurmountable lead taken by...

2. Atomizer's liver. This drink besotted Trilobed Gland o' Love came out of the gate strong, but faded in the stretch, probably because it felt the need to stop and absorb a few dozen Bombay Sapphire martinis to celebrate its lead. (20 votes / 28%)

1. On the heels of a late surge, Andy Aplikowski is bestowed with the onner honnar onher privilege of taking up St. Paul's mantle. (23 votes / 32%)

Koodos Kudos to you Andy!

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