Friday, April 14, 2006

Another dead bad guy

Things are looking up for RT. If this trend continues the bad guys will kill themselves off and RT won’t have to worry about looking like the ineffective stumblebum he is.

I’m all in favor of what’s going on in Minneapolis. Dirt bags who prey on others do us all a favor when the meet an untimely, albeit proper end. I hope more of them find their way into an early grave, and quickly.

The latest asshole died after the idiot he was with missed a turn and crashed into a tree – the fuck-knob. They were cousins. Ain’t family wonderful?

The best part is the FKs cousin repeating his claim that the cops “tapped” the car from behind and caused it to veer out of control. She ought to know her cousin is a lying thieving sack of shit who would do anything to keep his ass out of jail. A place I’m sure he is very familiar with.

Too bad she didn’t know about the video from the cop’s car. It’s a good one.

Another week, another dead bad guy. It’s progress, but I would feel better if we could speed things up a bit.

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