Friday, April 07, 2006

Big Ten Football Close to Returning to Minnesota


In a historic show of support for Gophers gridiron tradition that may pave the way for other taxpayer-subsidized sports arenas, the House on Thursday evening overwhelmingly approved the University of Minnesota's request for financing help for an on-campus football stadium.

A retooled plan for $235 million in state contributions to the project over 25 years took less than two weeks from its announcement March 24 to a 103-30 bipartisan floor vote in its favor. It still must pass the full Senate, where it easily cleared one committee last week.

This clears the Senate, I'm buying season tickets.

And to those of you who think that an on-campus stadium isn't necessary; that your college experience is supposed to begin and end at the doorway to the classroom or lab, I say this:

You are a wiener.

I'm glad that there were 103 members of the House that were inteligent intelligent enough to realize that.

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