Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bolsheviks Unite

There is an evil building in St. Paul. It is an evil so hideous, only Comrades Coleman and Thune, and their merry band of freedom hating Bolsheviks (like Bob Muppet) can stop it from spreading.

Surely Coleman, Thune, et al, knew the dirty bastard smokers would find a way around the recently enacted ban. They must’ve anticipated that wicked bar and restaurant owners would find a way to flaunt the law.

Nasty, evil, dirty pig bastards.

How dare they try to keep their businesses in business in spite of the repressive regulations passed by the radical Socialist asswipes who control St. Paul.

Coleman, Thune, Muppet: Get moving and shut down those patios. You’re missing an opportunity to tighten the screws.

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