Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Eva Young and Ken Avidor Support Mass Genocide, Child Molestation and Bad Baseball Trades

The ankle biters are at Mitch. Again:

I've opposed public investment in PRT for some time now. Not to the extent that I've mentioned them in this space, of course. Transit is a very minor issue to me, personally; its the kind of issue that uberwonks like to canoodle over, the kind of people who enjoy going to zoning and planning meetings. Something's gotta give in my schedule; transit wonkery is one of them.

Local short-bus Photoshop wanker Ken Avidor assumes that lack of interest implies support. Of course, by that "logic", I've also supported Area 51, building pyramids over the cities to increase life span, a 300,000 seat youth soccer stadium, and Larry Pogemiller.

But, not to let facts get in the way, Avidor and Eva Young, proprietor of the "Dump Bachmann" blog (to which I refuse to link due to various ethical lapses on Young's part in the past) have linked me, in a "cartoon" about PRT supporters, to support of Personal Rail Transit.

It's not true, of course. On the comment thread thread (if you're interested, you can find it), I offer a correction, noting repeatedly that I am not a PRT supporter. Avidor responds by...changing the subject. Repeatedly. The simple fact of my complete opposition to PRT is made perfectly clear, to no apparent avail.
Ken Avidor rapes sheep. I hear there are pictures.
Don't know what PRT is? Don't care? Join the rest of the planet, save for a few self-esteem-deficient brain dead morons that "think" it's an imminent threat to the future of the human race.
Ken Avidor rapes sheep. I hear there are pictures.
[Here, I will pause to observe that the same self-esteem-deficient brain dead morons will probably lift that last sentence to "prove" that I'm a BIG PRT supporter. In truth, I don't give a shit. Nobody does.]

This is a common M.O. for the Drooling Dumpsters: assert that their target du jour (either some politician of whom they have a deep, irrational hatred, or Mitch Berg when their traffic is flagging) is taking some position or other on an issue on an issue and offer evidence of same by the absence of any definitive opinion on that subject from the target.


Through extensive archive examinations and Technorati searches, I have compiled a partial list of things that Eva Young and Ken Avidor tacitly endorse because of their failure to blog about them:

The Holocaust

The Cambodian Killing Fields


The Red Sox trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees

The abolition of the Rule in Shelley's case

White slavery

Black slavery

Powerslavery (not that that's a bad thing)

Sadaam's gassing of the Kurds

The primacy of the Everton Soccer Club

The attack on Pearl Harbor

Johnny Sack's desire to whack Frankie Valli.

Food poisoning

Wiping Israel off the map

That Styx song "Babe"

Public funding for a 100 foot-high guilded statue of Dementee in downtown Hopkins

The Columbian drug trade

Genital mutilation

Jeffrey Dahmer

Duct taping gerbils

North Korea's nuclear program

Schizophrenics not taking their meds

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