Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Happy, Happy Letter Day

All letters are equal, but some letters are more equal than others. I like these best:

Marriage amendment debate continues
I'm so sick of the GOP. It should stop beating a dead horse. How does a ban on gay marriage help lower the achievement gap? Or get money for early childhood education? Let's spend more time and taxpayers' money on the real problems in Minnesota.
St. Paul

I’m with Mary. Let’s continue pouring money down the “Achievement Gap” and public education rat holes. After all, it seems pretty obvious that spending thousands of dollars per student is just not doing the trick, so spending more must be the answer. Her brilliance is stupefying.

Parking-meter hike hurts poor
The DFL-controlled City Council decided that to balance its mismanaged budget it will require raising the cost of parking meters. This is basically a tax on the moderate- to low-income people who use these meters the most.

Democrats claim to be champions of the little guy, yet this DFL country club is essentially taxing the poor. If these Democrats weren't hypocrites, they'd tax all their wealthy left-wing cronies up on Summit Hill and lower the parking rates.
North St. Paul

Why are poor people allowed to have cars? They are the reason we have mass transit. Any poor person, who owns a car, motorcycle, scooter, etc, should be dropped from the welfare roles and have their children taken from them and put into foster care. The lazy, shiftless bums are a big enough drain on society. Why the hell should I have to pay for them and their brats to have healthcare when they can afford their own if they sell the car?

Was ticket for teenager fair?
In all of my life as a resident of St. Paul, I've never heard of anyone being given a ticket for not having their headlights on. Recently, my neighbor's son, who is Asian-American and 17 years old, was ticketed for not having his headlights on all the way after leaving the Target store in Vadnais Heights around 8 p.m.

My neighbor has a clean record; he's only been driving for six months. He has never been pulled over before.

I'm 35 years old. I've often forgotten to turn on my headlights. The most attention I've received from police officers is a signal to turn them on, which is a flicker of their headlights at my vehicle. Why was my neighbor given a ticket?
St. Paul

He was given a ticket because he was driving without headlights after sunset. That and he is Asian. I understand Asians have a knack for breaking the law. Just look at all the Asian gangs. The fact that you “often” forget to turn on your headlights is more than a little frightening and should be a red flag to your friends and family that you are not to be trusted behind the wheel of an automobile. On second thought, maybe you want to drive the poor people around so they don’t have to pay for parking meters.

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