Monday, April 10, 2006

I aint gonna shed no tears

Cough, gag, wretch, sphincter cramp, hack. Non-Monkey must be writing under the name Chao Xiong.

So wretched is this waste of space, I can think of no other explanation.

That the Star & Sickle prints a puff piece on a convicted rapist and kidnapper speaks volumes.

Garey Hannah, a convicted felon – kidnapping and rape – is shot several times in the head and we are supposed to believe this drug dealing, kidnapping, raping thug was a “big Teddy bear.”

Bullshit. I ain’t buying it and that he turned up dead should be no surprise to anyone. This pig was a bad, bad guy and no amount of whitewash is going to change that.

They say he had a “troubled” past. I call rape and kidnapping criminal.

Giving him business cards for his dope dealing business may be cute, but it doesn’t make him a guy with a “big heart”, it makes is misguided girlfriend a partner in his criminal business. And now she’s out $200 bucks worth of weed and up to $300 cash. I hope she has business insurance.

Friends and family say his past doesn’t define him. A raping, kidnapping, drug dealing thug who ended up dead, what should define him?

You’ll forgive me if I reserve my compassion for the real victims, his victim(s). The one(s) who had her/their lives inexorably altered when he committed a brutal and vicious rape against her/them.

As for Garey Hannah, I trust is rotting in hell.

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Anonymous said...

I knew this guy (not really well, but well enough) He was not a "big teddy bear" he was a low life, knuckle dragging pavement ape.