Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ignorance Borne of a Facile Stereotype or Inferiority Complex?

You be the judge:

As for suburbanites, I don't know how much they come downtown anyway, given their longing for their Brainard upbringing, and fear of brown people.

Submitted by Tuck at 2:30 PM on April 18

First of all Dipass: it's spelled "Brainerd". Second of all, given that the population of Brainerd is about 14,000, it's hard to imagine that the Twin Cities Metro (pop. 3 million) has been overrun by ex-pats longing to go back.

Second of all, I'll bet more "brown" (and "yellow") people live in homes adjacent to my Apple Valley lot (13 by my count) than in this Fucknuckle's entire (small, cramped, urine-smelling) appartment complex. That's not counting the darker complected people that live across and down my street.

Yes, I shiver with apprehension every morning when I go outside to retrieve my morning paper, so scared am I.

And lest we forget, a lot of these "brown people"-fearing suburban trogladytes actually lived in Minneapolis during our college years and thereafter, only to be priced out of the market by ridiculous home prices ($300,000 for a 1200 square-foot crackerbox hovel? C'mon) and confiscatory property tax rates that make I$D 196's bi-annual ass-rapings look like gumball machine change.

Sorry, I'm not going to rent simply to garner the approval of the City Pages Crowd. Renting your residence when you can own it is throwing money down a rat hole. (You heard me Bill!)

But anyway, Tuck here is so gosh darn tough, because in his little fantasy world he's not afraid of "brown" people and walks freely among them. Yes, by his oh-so-condescending tone it is HE who is the "brave" one; living in a city with a "white" population of...


(Maybe we should just drop Tough Guy here off at the corner of 13th & Cherry in Milwaukee or maybe the parking lot of Comiskey Park when the Sox aren't in town and see just how brave, tolerant and enlightened a butttwat he is. Any other neighborhood ideas from our readers on the lower portion of Lake Michigan?)

OK. So maybe it isn't fear of "brown" people. Maybe it's something else...

Tell ya' what shitbag: you try to figure out what it is, and get back to me. One word of advice - it would be helpful to pull your head out of your ass first.

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