Thursday, April 06, 2006

It’s Moron Mail Madness

Here’s another, this time from the SPPP, in a day filled with Moron Mail.

James L. Gunn IV of Woodbury, a well known and highly respected political scientist and economist (with PhDs from Harvard, Yale and MIT), has done years of research to come to the following conclusion:

Looking at proposed tax laws is probably the best way to measure how lawmakers view economic classes.

Offering no evidence to support his claim, James goes on to illustrate how vacuous he is in the sentences that follow:

Republicans keep pushing for the elimination of both the capital gains tax and the inheritance tax. If such a thing came to pass, those who work to earn a living will pay taxes on their income, but wealthy families may never have to pay taxes again.

Oh, shut the hell up.

Here is the crux of the Liberal Left’s break with reality: Wealthy people don’t earn their money and, therefore, don’t pay taxes.

I have a bulletin for you James, rich people work, damn hard I might add, for their money and even those who aren’t rich are invested in the market and are liable for paying capital gains taxes.

And another thing, my fine Socialist friend, the tax cuts passed by Republicans and hated by Democrats, hit every, repeat every, income bracket.

James L. Gunn IV of Woodbury is a fool, a mental midget who has no understanding of the real world.

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