Wednesday, April 19, 2006

John Kline: Call Your Office

You need us more than you realize:

U.S. Rep. John Kline is furiously writing letters to newspapers these days, having newly declared himself an "independent conservative." I hope Kline is working as diligently on issues that matter to my family and community.

Well, if twiddledicks like you stopped writing distortions, half truths, false premises and outright lies about his record, perhaps he would have more time to vote against whichever stupid idea dingleberries like you are currently championing.

During his time in Congress, Kline has voted with President Bush 98 percent of the time.

So? Last I checked, they were members of the same party.

And why do I have the feeling that you got that figure from some astroturf moonbat activist website?

Kline supported former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and even accepted dirty campaign money from DeLay's political organization. He continues to support the disaster in Iraq and has been willing to go along with every corrupt and incompetent action of the Bush administration.

Alvin is an evil reprobate, potential child molester, and, given that he lives in a suburb, he's probably scared of "brown" people.

Hey, it's fun to throw around invective laden loaded terms and bald, unsupported accusations copied and pasted wholesale from!

An "independent conservative" would be leading congressional inquiries into false military intelligence, defense contract fraud, constitutional privacy violations -- the list is endless. If you are happy with the shape our country is in under Bush...

Actually, I am. But then, I rely more on myself for my well-being rather than some god-government.

...Kline, and the Republican right-wing leadership, vote to reelect John Kline.

And I will; as I suspect around 60% of his district will as well. Again.

Writing defensive letters to the newspaper every election year doesn't make one an "independent conservative" or a leader who can effectively represent Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District.

And writing party-line parroting drooling screeds to the local paper every week doesn't make you "relevant".


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