Friday, April 28, 2006

KAR EXCLUSIVE: Star Spangled Banner in Mongolian

Fresh on the heels of the outrage over a Spanish version of the Star Spangled Banner, KAR has obtained another foreign language knockoff of our national anthem; this one in Mongolian. Despite the vast resouces of our crack KAR Research Team, we were unable to translate the song in house. In fact, the only person we could find that speaks Mongolian, doesn't speak English. Fortunately, he does speak Mandarin Chinese. So once we had the Mandarin version, we located a native speaker of that language who also speaks Bantu. The Bantu translation was run through our regular Bantu to Portugese tranlator (we've used her before, and were quite happy with her work). From there, our Portugese to German (Bavarian dialect) guy did his work which allowed the Head of Alfredo Garcia, who seemed to recall that he took German in high school "or something," to finally get this Mongolian Star Spangled Banner translated to English.

So below is America's first look of the Mongolian Star Spangled Banner:

Oh, speak to your envisionment regarding the Close Star's appearance anew
We vainly told ago night?
Wherein widening serpents and constellation into the dangerous murdering horde,
Above the castle viewing eminent nicely
And spaceman glowed profusely; exploding in the gases
Evidenced the continuousness of the cloth

Oh, speak to the constellationousness(*) of continuous cloth flapping
Atop the dirt of licentiousness,
In adition to the dwelling of super happy exciting fun gun-toting man.

* Translator not sure if this is an actual word.

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