Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kudos to the Minneapolis School District

You read that right. I’m giving a big high-five to the Minneapolis schools for telling parents to keep their kids in school during next week’s national day off celebration know as Take your Daughter and Son to Work Day.

It’s about time a school district stands up and admits that kids will get more from school than going to the office where they get to take part in preplanned activities that have nothing to do with their parents’ job.

If Johnny and Susie to go to work with mom or dad, they should be made to sit through a 2-hour teleconference where the VP rants about their parent missing quota for the 3rd straight quarter. After that they can help mom or dad cold call prospects that have no interest in hearing about them or what they are selling.

I’d love for them to take calls in customer service so they can hear new ways to use words they’ve only heard on late night cable (when mom and dad are sleeping).

A little dose of reality might help the nippers understand that they have it pretty good and should stop complaining about having to go to school.

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