Monday, April 03, 2006

Meanwhile on Block E…

Idiots, morons, brainless twits, wrongheaded ass-wipes, carnival freaks: I’m looking for any other ways to describe the City Council and Mayor of Minneapolis.

Let’s look at Friday, shall we: Another innocent man shot dead, Global Warming solved.

All in all, I’d say it was a great day for the Mayor and Council of that fine, fine city: Solving a debatable environmental problem while another visitor to the city is shot and killed by a piece-of-shit thug.

So what is the response? R.T. goes to dinner, takes a walk on Block E (with his security detail) and tells the people there is no crime problem, rather the problem is too many guns.

Too many guns? What about the bastards who are pulling the triggers, R.T.? Do they not bear any responsibility here?

Take the guns away from the thugs and they’ll bash heads in with lead pipes instead.

Minneapolis is burning and your priorities are too screwed up to see it. You and the City Council can keep fiddling, R.T.

You blame global warming on people and murder on the weapon.

You care more about eliminating automobile emissions than eliminating gangs from the streets.

Look how clear the air is in Minneapolis. You can see the bodies piling up almost a mile away.

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