Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Metallica Can Teach Us a Lot About What Today Is

LANDMINE! --Metallica.

It's Landmine Awareness Day! How are you celebrating?

Well, perhaps you weren't even aware of Landmine Awareness Day (which means that at some moonbat local caucus there will be a resolution introduced advocating for the passage of a law declaring a Landmine Awareness Day Awareness Day). That's primarily because there aren't a whole lot of landmines in Minnesota. Really the only place you might find a landmine here would be the ones placed to protect the Minnesota Vikings' trophy case. Oddly enough, none of those mines have ever been set off.

Ah, but how does one observe LAD? The good folks at Rethinking Education Online have some ideas:

Inform students that they will start the day at school by trying to empathize with landmine victims. About 28 percent of mine victims lose one or both legs. Give students ropes or scarves and ask some of them to tie their legs together at ankle level or to immobilize one leg somehow. Instruct other students to tie up one arm, go blindfolded, or block up their ears to simulate the loss of an arm, eyesight, or hearing. Have students continue their normal morning activities with their new disability. After some significant time, discuss together the difficulties faced.

Perhaps for Public Education Awareness Day, the students could be forced to do their reading assignments in Sanskrit so they can appreciate what its like to be educated in institutions that spend way too much time teaching "empathy".

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