Monday, April 17, 2006

The MOB is a Wasteland for the Ladies


Now that St. Paul is out of circulation, Chad poses the question:

[W]ho will inherit his title as Most Eligible Bachelor on the local blogging scene?

We here at Your Absurd Poll Leader are interested in answers. There's a new poll on the sidebar. And I note here, that this one was rather difficult to assemble. A quick glance through the MOBroll reveals that a large majority of MOB bloggers are either:

A) married; or

B) Hideously ugly.

I did the best that I could. If you felt that you were omitted, please don't feel slighted. It only means that either I don't read your blog, or that you are hideously ugly.

Here are the candidates:


KAR's very own Head of Alfredo Garcia

Ben "I Reflect 40% of the Sun's Light Back Into Space" Worley

Andy "The Dictionary" Aplikowski

Atomizer's liver (Artist's rendering)

UPDATE: As an added bonus, the winner of this poll will have his praises sung by none other than KAR's mascot: Bobo the Foul-Mouthed Gay Chimp!

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