Monday, April 10, 2006

Moonbat Drops Pants; Brain Falls Out

QUESTION: How do you know when you're pecker is about to fall off from disuse?

ANSWER: You think that the proposed plan for City Hall's new roof is a boondoggle.

Don't get the connection? Don't worry: we're talking about moonbat rhetoric here. Bear with me.
Amateur gardener and professional cutie-pie Margaret Martin stumbled across one such example of this line of "thought":

Keep in mind these ruses that moonbats use when competing against better arguments and actual facts:


3. "You only think this way because you aren't getting enough sex." Example: Here.

(Don't bother clicking through to Margaret's example. It will be reproduced below.)

I realize that the term "fiskalicious" is thrown around a lot. Sometimes a moonbat imbecile will write something so insipid that there's no point fisking it since its facial absurdity makes it a redundant and pointless exercise. Time spent dissecting this type of moonbat drool is wasted, and could be better spent writing a 1,000 word essay about poop.

On the other hand, this one offers up so many hanging curveballs that the potential for merriment from wallowing in this anonyputz's brain dropping is too much to resist.

So here's the fiskified version anonycomment left by a drooling fool. Note that its target is someone whom Margaret has extensive knowledge as to the quantity of the nookie he receives:

David Strom has got to get laid.

Once is an anomoly. Twice is a conspiracy. Three (or more) times is a virulent pathology spread among turnip-level-IQ-afflicted dumbasses who have a hemorrhoid where their brains ought to be.

His idiocy must be coming from being fat and incapable of relating to other human beings.

Idiocy comes from one's girth and poor interpersonal skills?


What is most irritating is how cheap bastards like him are unwilling to pay taxes for education, security and the community good then taking the money they get back and becoming a fat glutton.

As opposed to all those generous people who vote for candidates that will raise someone else's taxes, and then dub themselves virtuous.

That's not cheap - that's "compassion"!

Look at Strom's build, greedy is not the word.

How can he think of himself as a citizen or a patriot when he refuses to pay his fair share of taxes.

How do you know that? And what would be "his fair share" anyway? Please quantify what a fair share is.

As long as we're paying the assumption game, I'm going to assume that Anonyputz a) pays little or no taxes; and b) considers that amount his "fair share".

His type is so cheap that not only are they not willing to pay for dinner, a good guess is that he makes his date pay her own busfare.


The man is disgusting on so many levels... perhaps it would be better if he did not reproduce.

Adoption is always an option:

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