Thursday, April 06, 2006

Moron Mail (Lying Sacks of Shit Edition)

The oxyMORONic marriage crowd have resorted to lies...

er, sorry. How very liberal of me.

...have resorted to egregious disinformation to make their case:

People demand that legislators "let the people vote" on the issue of same-sex unions.

The people did vote; they elected public officials to represent them in the Legislature. It's what democracy is all about!


Ahhhhhhh, but the law in question was a constitutional amendment, Mr. Dummfuk. Under Minnesota law, in order to ratify a constitutional amendment, THERE NEEDS TO BE A GENERAL ELECTION ON IT.

Nice try though.

And this one gets the award for the most lies - I mean, egregious disinformation - packed into a single sentence:

Spreading bad info

[The stupefying irony of that heading will become apparent in a moment. -ed.]

Why does the Star Tribune continue to allow Sen. Michele Bachmann to claim that her amendment banning same-sex and civil unions would not take away many contractual benefits for same-sex couples that now exist, such as joint purchases of real estate and vehicles, creation of wills and legal agreements that allow couples to make medical decisions for each other? This is false. But the more you print it, the more people will believe it.

Gay couples will lose inheritance rights, insurance coverage and medical decisionmaking.




Oops. There I go again with the "lie" thing. What I meant to shriek was:


Let's just tick them off quickly:

Same-sex couple will lose the right to:

* Hold property as joint tenants.

False. There is no requirement that joint tenants be married (or the legal equivalent thereof). That was called a "Tenancy by the Entirety" which doesn't exist in Minnesota.

* Create a will.

Wrong-ah. The Minnesota probate code doesn't require one be married (or the legal equivalent thereof) to make a will and devise your stuff to whomever you want. Though notice that in the statute that 16 year-olds are having their "civil rights" trampled nakedly.

* Make medical decisions for each other:

Complete B.S. A person may designate whomever he or she wants as a proxy in an advance directive (living will).

So they've gone from name-calling to outright bullshitting (are there 2 "t's" in "bullshitting"?).

But the more the Strib prints crap like this, the more people will believe it.

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