Thursday, April 06, 2006

Moron Mail

Thank you to the Star & Sickle for putting this cup of Yak phlegm at the top of their letter list.

Gene Auerbach of Minneapolis appears to be your typical Liberal. The kind who wants to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens rather than take after the criminal thugs who commit the crimes.

What is Gene’s answer to the recent shooting on Block E:

· Pass handgun legislation. [Because there are no laws regulating guns now]
· Conduct handgun buyback programs. [Because murdering thugs would gladly turn in their unregistered weapon for a new X-Box. Then they can sell the game and illegally buy a bigger and better gun]
· Tighten gun registrations. [Because if the murdering asshole on Block E would surely have registered the gun if the consequences not doing so were more serious]
· Go after the guns [Because inanimate objects are known for killing people without warning.]

What about the pig who pulled the trigger Gene? Why not go after him and put his ass behind bars for life.

Because, according to Gene:

The moron with the gun Friday night was just a moron with a gun. [This, Gene, is why you lefties are so damned dangerous. You call him “just a moron with a gun”, RT called him “troubled”. How about calling him a slime ball who has no regard for the lives of others, a sub-human pig who doesn’t give a damn that he kills. You can’t do that because then you’d have to blame the individual rather than the gun.

Gene adds:

The NRA and its money lobbyists are, in my mind, partly to blame for this tragedy.

You’re a complete jackass, Gene. Where in your addlebrained world does the murdering pig fit in? Is he not culpable for pointing the gun and pulling the trigger?

Why can’t you Lefties place the blame where it belongs - Derick D. Holliday and his complete disregard for human life? He’s the one who killed Alan Reitter. Not the NRA and not the gun.

If not for Holliday’s lack of humanity Alan Reitter would be alive today.

Figure it out, Gene.

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