Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Moron Mail

John Kline: call your office. I fear that we might get overwhelmed:

Talk with them

Now that we know that Iran has enriched uranium, isn't it time that the Bush administration started to act like grownups and actually engaged in a dialogue with Iran?

A couple of years ago, barn swallows nested in one of the trees in my back yard. Barn swallows are basically rats with wings that are very territorial. Because of this, whenever I tried to mow the area of the lawn where their nest was located, these two Angels of Bealzebub would dive-bomb me relentlessly. Sometimes they would graze the top of my head. Once they even drew a little blood. It was a frustrating experience - unless you were my wife witnessing my battles with the Hell-Spawn Avians from a distance. Then, it was hysterically funny.

In any event, I tried to engage my winged tormentors in a dialogue. But every time I drew near, they would have none of my offers for a peaceful coexistence. They just kept squawking at me and dive-bombing the hell out of my head.

"Dialogue" simply didn't work with these dumb, psychotic animals. However, a BB gun turned out to be a phenomenally effective remedy to the problem.

The Iranians seem to have made numerous overtures -- whether over the situation in Iraq, issues over nuclear power or cooperation in Afghanistan.

Oh - don't forget that overture that concerned "wiping Israel off the map"!

Their pursuit of nuclear capability is probably most understandable in the context of a defensive posture, being surrounded by nuclear powers aligned with the United States -- including India, Pakistan, and Israel.

All of whom have exhibited zero interest in using those weapons on Iran. It's kind of like Uruguay being frightened by the United States' nuclear arsenal.

In this context, it seems absurd not to talk with them and come to some containment arrangement...

"Containment." A wonderfully effective strategy! A strategy that has led to, inter alia, the Civil War, WWII and the Vietnam war. "Containment" has caused more death and destruction than, say, India's nuclear weapons.

...where they can be assured of their defense and energy needs, and we can be assured their nuclear program is being monitored.

Yeah, they want to enrich uranium for "energy".

The kind of energy that is released by an h-bomb exploding over Tel Aviv.



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