Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh Look: I Have a Blog!

Easy to forget when spring makes an appearance. More about that tomorrow.

Some administrative BS, before we resume the bile.

* I have implemented some sidebar changes:

1) The Northern Alliance Against Power-Arrogant-Line Madness has been dissolved. There are several reasons for this. First, since NAAPALM was formed, at least 2 of its members were linked to favorably by PowerLine. Second, all running jokes have a shelf life, and this one expired sometime last May. Finally, unlike Democrats, folks like the Nihilist in Golf Pants and KAR don't need to rip on John Hinderaker et al. under the impramatur of some made-up grass roots organization. We just do it.

2) In place of the NAAPALM blogroll, we installed links to our previous April Fools Day pranks. We anticipate a slow but steady growth of this new sidebar feature.

3) If the first 5 games of the season were any indication, the Milwaukee Brewers are the Team of Destiny in the NL Central. (We will ignore yesterday's debacle in which the Brew Crew dressed in their 1980 uniforms and played like the 2000 team.) KAR has ascertained MLB's super secret "magic number" formula, and we'll be tracking the number throughout the season. The Brewers Magic Number Watch is located directly under the link to KAR Gear (and hey, while you're there, why not buy a KAR thong for that special gal in your life?)

* Bill is working on a new baseball-themed header. If it turns out, it could be the greatest KAR header in weeks.

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