Friday, April 07, 2006

Schools First, My Ass

LearnedFoot started it here, and I mean to keep it going.

Let me start by saying I did not heed his advice and duct tape my head. On the contrary, I went straight to this piece of shit site and watched the commercials.

This “We’re Listening” and “Schools First” is pure bullshit and isn’t fooling any of us.

Talk to us Minnesota, we’re listening, and we’ll report back what we heard on our “listening tour.” Funny how the “report” reads like it was written before union whore Judy Schaubach gave the thumbs-up on this million dollar farce.

Education Minnesota sent it’s lieutenants across the state, skipping LearnedFoot’s district, to put words into the mouths of Minnesotans. Below is a series of links to the talking points that came out of those meetings:

Rochester, Duluth, Hibbing, Brainerd, Moorhead, Alexandria, Minneapolis, Burnsville
Maple Grove, Bemidji, St. Cloud, Mankato, Willmar, East Grand Forks, Worthington

Don’t bother reading these, they are all the same and all too predictable.

People want:
More money
Smaller classes
Better buildings
Higher taxes on the rich
Higher salary for Judy Schaubach, Dark Princess of Education Minnesota
Larger clothes allowance for Judy because her dominatrix outfit needs replacing (you know how expensive leather is)

So, what questions did they ask to come to the previous conclusion:
What’s working?
What Challenges do Schools Face?
What should schools provide?
How do we achieve these goals?

What was said that wasn't reported:
Why isn't $8 grand per kid enough?
What did you do with the money we gave you last year?
How many referendums does it take to bleed a person dry?
Does Judy really look that good in leather?
Does she wear the dominatrix outfit to board meetings?
Why do private schools kick your asses in test scores?
Why have you turned my kid into an argumentative asshole who qestions every move I make?
When will you stop teaching my kid that humans are destroying the environment?
Would you please stop telling my kid that the gold fish has the same rights as people?
Would you please stop telling my kid that he/she has rights?
Do all teachers want to sleep with their students?
Keep your hands off my cigarettes
Keep your filthy hands off my whiskey
Why can't my kid play tag on the playground without being charged with sexual harrassment?
Why do you hate American and why are you teaching my kid to hate America too?
My kid is right, you are hot.
Will you sleep with me?

Education Minnesota is going the way of Lefties everywhere. Their BS is no longer accepted without question and this little joke of a program ain’t gonna change that.

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