Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Silence of the Moonbats

It has been observed that serial killers tend to start early, feeding their abnormal appetites by first plying their macabre trade in their preteen and teenaged years on small animals. From there, they foster terrible fantasies manifested in urges that are increasingly difficult to control - especially since they've grown tired of torturing animals - until one day, the killer lurches into the abyss, and the body count begins.

As you might have guessed, this post is about liberals.

And since many of them have little compunction about playing the Imputation Game (e.g. "The Culture of Corruption," and the meme in which they paint anybody opposed to the self-evidently stupid idea of same-sex marriage as "bigots" because of one guy who holds up a "God hates f*gs" sign.), I am more than happy to paint the Human Flesh Eating-Based Community with the same broad brush.

My thesis is, of course, that all moonbats are potential or actual psychopathic killers.

One caveat: I am not a professional psychologist. However I did get an "A" in Abnormal Psych in college, and I did meet an actual shrink at a MOB gathering. Plus my sister in law is currently working toward her Ph.D in counseling psychology. This all means that, under the criteria of certain dim-witted "moderate" bloggers, my cred in this area is unassailable.

The Latent Pathology Emerges

Remember Post Election selection Trauma (PEST)? Remember how all those little moonbats - the ones not proactive enough to fantasize about moving to Canada - were so depressed at the results of an election that they needed to go seek therapy? Their symptoms were so common, and there were so many patients, that shrinks actually gave this mental defect a name. Symptoms of PEST included:

[F]feelings of withdrawal, feelings of isolation, emotional anger and bitterness, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, nightmares, pervasive moodiness including endless sulking, and being excessively worried about the direction of the country.

In other words: these people internalized a great deal of pain over an incident they had very little power to affect (beyond their single - or in many cases, 5 - votes). Here we can see the seed of that which will eventually grow to strong to contain inside. The bomb is set, ant the clock begins to tick.

Beginnings of Outward Manifestations of the Pathology

Eventually the moonbat needs to alleviate some of the pressure caused by all the pent up rage. Like the teenaged sociopath pulling the wings off of sparrows, the PEST-addled moonbat will attempt to find some relatively harmless outlet to silence the voices in their heads. Some will endlessly prattle tinfoil hat nonsense they may have read in a Robert Scheer column to anyone who will listen. Then there are others who will be a little more explicit; divulging their animus toward some imagined demon in some sick written fantasy vignette.

Then there are still others who explicitly call for genocide:

In the various messages posted, Buddhi urged the Web site’s readers to bomb the United States and for them to rape American and British women and mutilate them, according to court documents. Other messages called for the killing of all Republicans.

Crossing Over Into Criminality

Finally, the moonbat is so overwhelmed, that not even the sick, yet legal, releases are enough to contain the beast within.

Case study: Kevin Ray Underwood.

Onset of PEST - November 4, 2004:

And the election. I'm not even going to fucking talk about that. At least not yet. The pain is still too fresh.

Paranoia / Lashing Out - November 15, 2005:

Well, now that Bush has won his second term in office, and on top of that, the House and Senate are both under republican control, I guess it won't be long until we're all gonna die. Unless you're a good Christian, who hates gays, and pornography, and abortion, and you pray to Jesus every day to smite the heathen Muslims, and the French, and everyone else, including fellow Americans who don't believe that Bush is the emmisary of God, and that we must all do whatever he says or burn in Hell for all eternity.

I wonder how long it's gonna be until Micheal Moore is found dead in his home, under suspicious circumstances? Of course, the official reports will all say he died of a heart attack, or some other weight induced heart problem.

Crossing Over to Criminality - April 2006:

The man accused of killing a 10-year-old neighbor girl for an elaborate plan to eat human flesh joked about cannibalism on his online diary, discussed the effects of not taking his anti-depression medication and mentioned "dangerously weird" fantasies.


Moonbats are sociopathic, child-molesting cannibals.

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