Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Sisyphus Amendment

In an earlier post, I invited Congressman and expert Strib letter fisker John Kline to join the KAR Pantheon of Star Bloggers. I made his membership subject to a few rules. Frequent commenter Sisyphus was dismayed at Rule 5, which seemed to cast him in a bad light:

5) Must use at least one of the following words in every post: poop, dink, moron, barf, wiener, Sisyphus.

That list was meant to include words frequently used here ("poop," "moron") as well as words I'd like to see used more ("dink," "wiener"). Obviously "Sisyphus" falls into the first category.

But because I want no understanding between KAR and the Nihilist in Golf Pants blog - we've always gotten along so well - I will amend Rule 5 For John Kline to eliminate the impression that I think Sisyphus is a dink, akin to barf, etc.

Rule 5 is amended to read, effective retroactively to April 12, 2006:

5) Must use at least one of the following words OR PHRASES in every post: poop, dink, UBER-GENIUS, moron, barf "CUTE, FUZZY BUNNIES", wiener, ARSENAL, Sisyphus.

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