Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Socialists Have Won

I was browsing the web the other day, as I sometimes do while I'm waiting for the little woman to finish her assigned chores. Said chores on said day included itching my scrotum. Her technique for itching said organ was somewhat inadequate, so I locked her in the closet, settled down with a fine draft of McColon's Cask Single Malt - the whiskey of the Gods - and begain browsing said web.

I was shocked to see this site, which only proves that the socialists have won. Tell me this isn't a perfect example of the softy, effete, espresso-drinking, metrosexual, effete, pseudo-intellectual, collectivist-minded, wussy, vegan, urban leftist, mollycoddling, atheistic, reformationalist running dog revanchist urban left or what? It's an organization for deaf children.

Look at this, where they talk about: access to teachers, peers, and role models, these children will develop self-empowerment and personal skills to allow them to reach their potential and fulfill their ambitions.

When I was a kid, the deaf kids had to suck it up or tough it out. Some deaf kid tried to act all "self-empowered" around me, we'd be right in his face: "What do you think you are, Mr. Deafy-Deaf? Think you're better than us, with all your effete, pseudo-intellectual, collectivist-minded, wussy, vegan, urban leftist "empowerment"?" The nuns would sure put them in their place.

Serves them right for ignoring 2000 years of accumulated wisdom from the one true church!

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