Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This just in...

The Packers are going to suck again this year.

LEARNEDFOOT ADDS: Those of us who are students of the game recognize and accept that the Packers' rebuilding phase commences this year. Such is the price you pay for 15 years of dominence which included several division titles, three NFC championship appearances, 2 Super Bowls and 1 world championship. We are also cognizant of the fact that this coming season could be even worse:

Our QB will not be Brad Johnson.

DEMENTEE ADDS: Let's face it, the Viqueens and Packers both suck. The only thing that keeps them from sharing the Cellar of the NFC North is the Detroit Lions - they suck really bad. But Favre could have done the honorable thing and step aside. Rebuilding is difficult enough without having an aged quarterback who would rather throw interceptions than take a hit. To his fans he can do no wrong, but Favre is coming back out of selfishness, not out of loyalty to the Packers.

As for the Viqueens - they will continue to suck because they prefer to have an aged quarterback.

LEARNEDFOOT BECAOMES ANNOYED: Dementee, you ignorant slut. I'm used to Vikings fans prattling on about football from a position of ignorance - that's the hallmark of a Viking fan. So the fact that your analysis is so terribly at odds with reality comes as no shock.

If you had actually *watched* (not merely *seen*) any of those games you would have noted that the lion's share of Favre's interceptions were the result of the following:

1) Passes bouncing off his receivers' hands (there was a point last season where Antonio Freaking Chatman was the #1 WR due to injuries to everone else).

2) Getting hit as he was throwing the ball, due to a porous offensive line depleated by injuries and free agency (for you Vikings fans: the "offensive line" are those 5 very large men who stand in front of the QB).

3) A defense so effective that Favre was frequently put in the position to throw 40 yard passes downfield into dime defenses (for Vikings fans: a "dime" defense is one with 6 DBs. A "DB" is - oh never mind.) to get the Packers within a touchdown and a field goal of the opposition with less than 2 minutes to play.

I'll just chalk your hatred of Favre up to envy. Your cute little purple franchise is a joke.

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