Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Touch of Gravitas: Art Is Good

I like art. In fact many many people like art if you were to judge from the average person's living room walls and the sheer number of museums throughout the world.

A quick google image search reveals some 7.2 million examples of art.

Alas, not all art is created equal. Some art is quite good. Some art is really REALLY good.

But then you have that dreadful type of "art" that tends to populate the walls of New Age freaks and Dungeons & Dragons dorks everywhere.

Sometimes what was once considered art years ago tends to strike a more jaundiced, modern eye as stupid banality. Although there are some rich, bratty college kids from Wayzata who will still consider something like that "art,"; always obnoxiously snooty, if short on "real world" experience, they will insist that a piece like this is indeed art, and that you are a buffoon because they took an Art History class in high school.

I don't even know if my high school offered an art history course. I was too busy padding my GPA with College Algebra and AP English.

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