Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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Blogosphere praises of my glorious radio debut

I appeared on the Patriot Insider radio show on Saturday to lend my insights on the state of Minnesota's egregiously underdeveloped blogosphere. My appearance on the show added a new legitimacy to my claim as the foremost expert on blogs, vlogs and Myspace profiles that feature 16 year old girls posting semi-nude pictures of themselves.

The blogosphere is angry my friend! Oh yes, you can almost feel the steam of anger on your face as the boiling water of animosity is heated by the fire of partisanship. The only cure is the soothing balm of clarity that I bring to that Wild West that we call the "blogosphere". And let's face it: there's no one associated with that radio station that knows more about blogs than me.

So it was a little surprising that all the reviews from the blogs were positive.

"The only thing that would make this show better would be Mark Yost"

Chief from the Freedom Dogs Blog was enthusiastic about my radio debut, expressing shock at my excellent radio manner by writing "Sweet suffering crap!" Chief went on to make a plea for Mark Yost to rejoin the program. It's a hell of an idea: a current events program hosted by two guys with extensive experience selecting which letters to the editor to publish. That's ratings gold!

O'Brien motivates blogger

Andy Aplikowski of Residual Forces was stirred to action after listening to my segment on the Patriot. So filled with energy was Aplikowski that he wrote: "I have yard work to do". He was so excited it came through in his typing. His fingers apparently moved so fast he missed the apostrophe in my last name.

Ana remains mum

Ana Marie Cox has yet to opine on my watershed appearance on the Patriot Insider. She also won't return my calls. Did I do something to offend you, my sweet? Have you not witnessed the abuse I am willing to endure just so that I may profess my love to you? Ana? Do you hear me Ana? My patience is wearing thin...


Hopefully some of my blogospheric expertise has rubbed off on you, so that you are now able to successfully use the so-called "hyper-links" I have strategically placed in the article above.


Absolute zero.

Because nothing ever escapes my vigilant eye on the blogosphere, I was the first to notice that stalwart wingnut LearnedFoot of the Kool Aid Report peevishly quit blogging. Good riddance! I just hope that the bestest blogger in the universe Eva Young keeps plugging away. But should LearnedFoot decide to return and inflict more pain on an unsuspecting public, I shall be the first to know. Because I am a blogwatcher nonpareil.

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