Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Carbon Neutral?

What the hell does that mean? Al Gore tells the world he’s “carbon neutral.”

He said he was "carbon neutral" himself and he tried to offset any plane flight or car journey by "purchasing verifiable reductions in CO2 elsewhere".

My translation: Al Gore is an elitist pig who rationalizes his environment-destroying lifestyle by engaging in a risky carbon trading scheme.

Under Al’s plan of “purchasing verifiable reductions in CO2 elsewhere” only the wealthiest will be able to drive automobiles and benefit from air travel. Only the wealthiest of individuals.

Kinda like living under Soviet-style government.

If Al really did give a damn about the environment, he would take up residence in Ted Kazynski’s old cabin and never be heard from again. But he doesn’t give a damn so we’ll have to continue to suffer from the greenhouse gasbag.

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