Monday, May 08, 2006

Deflation, Then Elation

During my Saturday Morning Sitdown, I read up on that day's entrants in the Kentucky Derby. One horse leapt off the page at me: Barbaro. Here was a horse that had five wins in five starts with a trainer that has more karma banked than the Dali Lama himself (big hitter, the Lama). What more could you ask for in a horse?

So, almost immediately after arriving at Mark Yost's Annual Kentucky Derby Celebrity Gala (flagrant display of chest hair required) I located the resident bookie, and laid a sawbuck on Barbaro. I was confident.

Approximately 3.5 seconds before post time, Yost felt the need to inform me that The Nihilist in Golf Pants had picked Barbaro to win during Yost's radio show that morning. Those of you who are familiar with the Nihilist's historical betting accuracy could probably guess my reaction.

It felt like the air had been sucked out of my lungs.

Before I had time to take back my bet, the gates opened and the race began.

Barbaro won by 7 lengths.

Dumbfounded (and elated as I was now about $140 richer) I tried to reconcile in my mind the the Nihilist's pick and the outcome of the contest - a rare event that they were one in the same. Perhaps the NIGP has some grasp of betting the ponies; a talent that eludes him in other sports wagering. And, really, this was a pretty tough derby to call.

The next day, I surfed on over to the Nihilist's little corner of the web, and discovered the truth:

Yost was feeding me a line of bullshit.

The universe remains in perfect alignment.

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