Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A KAR Milestone

Sometime today, KAR's Site Meter will record its 100,000th unique hit. We were going to have a big party, but unfortunately the President just deployed Dementee to the border to eat illegal border crossers, and Bill is off on a week-long pie decorating retreat. Maybe we'll get together for #1 million...

Trafficwise, there are a few caveats. Among them:

1. According to Site Meter's algorithm, the same lonely loser can be a "unique visitor" each time he pulls up our page, so long as each visit is 1 hour from the previous one.

2. KAR receives a large number of hits from unassuming - and now mentally scarred for life - search engine users using search terms such as:

* Jello kool aid drool

* Why hockey sucks

* Anal leakage; and

* Atomizer thinks Ralph Rapson is a crappy architect

On the other hand:

A. Our site meter was only installed in January of 2005 - about 3 months after we launched KAR;

2. We have never - ever - been linked to by Power Line, Instapundit, or certain radio talk show hosts who also happen to have a blog; and

d. There are some obsessive blob like turnips out there who hold the theory that if your site meter records 150 hits in a day, it means that your actual traffic is in the low five digit range.

But be that as it may, this humble blog has enjoyed a certain amount of success that eludes approximately 97.43% of the blogosphere. Since I'm not very good with touchy-feely expressions of gratitude, I'll just leave it to our old pal:

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