Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Moron Mail (Non-DaVinci Code Edition)

Since the KAR Kode was apparently too difficult for you all to handle, here's a Moron Mail with no hidden messages:

If past practice is any indicator, Qwest President Joe Nacchio will be Swift-boated as unpatriotic




You mean, like those guys who served with John Kerry, suspected that he was a complete shitheel, and then had their suspicions confirmed when he sold them out in his grandstanding Senate testimony, thereby feeding the North Vietnamese propaganda machine and making their lives in country, and those of their comrades in arms much more difficult, (and, indirectly, in some cases, shorter)?

They're not entitled to hold a grudge?

If not them, then who?

It's time you lefties put away this tired, vacuous, bitter-betty, puke-besotted, meaningless trope. M-kay? Your guy lost. We're going on two years now. It's time to get over it.

And evidently, the flip side of "Swift-boating" would be the $200 billion lawsuit. Oh, but I'm sure the intentions of all parties (and attorneys) to that suit are totally pure.

Even if, as it appears, they have no case.

because he refused the NSA's request to violate the law.

Citations, please?

And, despite being misled for six years,

*sigh* Do you people have any new lines? Or do you plan on continuing to repeat the same words and slogans over and over and over and over and over and over without any support? Just keep throwing them out there, until one sticks. (Actually, judging from meaningless opinion polls, they are sticking.) How about this:

People who write letters to the Strib have been known to rape gerbils!

many will continue to give the Bush administration the benefit of the doubt and see nothing wrong in one more invasion of their right to privacy.

If waiting until all the facts are known before making up my mind and offering an opinion on the subject so as to not make an ass of myself (like so many many many others have done before me) equates to giving Bush the "benefit of the doubt," then dip me in butter and call me "Crisco".

And even in my greasiness, I wouldn't be as big of an ass as...


People who write letters to the Strib have been known to rape gerbils!

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