Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Moron Mail

Some people are dumb, some are ignorant and others are simply fucking stupid.

Marshall Burke of Woodbury is simply fucking stupid.

Illegal aliens have been flowing into this country for years, YEARS, and this asshole blames it on W because he’s been President for 6 years and was Governor of Texas prior to that.

Hey, Marshall, if you’re going to go after the Governor of Texas, don’t forget the gray-haired hag Ann Richards. She was there before W and, apparently did less than nothing to stop Mexicans from crossing the Rio Grande.

Editors note to the hypersensitive lefties (a redundancy for sure): I know Ann Richards has cancer. I was in Dallas when the announcement was made – no it was not a GOP conspiracy. I hope she recovers, but her condition does not negate the fact that she is a gray-haired hag.

What level of stupidity has Marshall Burke of Woodbury achieved when he blames the current President for a problem that predates his election by decades?

I answered that question already.

Marshall Burke is a simply fucking stupid, lefty hack who refuses to think before he opens his mouth spewing all manner of maggot-filled bile onto his family and neighbors:

The system is broken. The man at the head of our government for six years and governor of the longest border either didn't recognize the problem or didn't care.

He is right about one thing, the system is broken. On the other hand, he’s wrong about everything else.

Let me tell you something, Marshall, there are a lot of people in this country who would love to do something about illegal immigration. People who would love to stop it dead in its tracks. But jackasses like you are the first to jump to their feet and scream, “Racism,” whenever a proposal is made.

So, until you, and others like you, see fit to keep your oral sphincters shut, the problem is going nowhere.

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