Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Moron Mail

Check out this nose-pickery:

Whom do you trust?


The Rule of "So" is once again evoked by a Strib drooler! Brain damage induced rantings dead ahead...

the president of Iran sent a letter to President Bush, and Bush's State Department said it was insignificant, and did not plan to answer it (May 9). Never mind that this was the highest-level diplomatic communication between these nations in over 25 years.


It was insignificant ("WHOA!" The lefties all say. "That's not the article I expected this wingnut to link to!") It was an 18-page rambling missive (one that I'm sure you average letter writer to the Strib would admire) that not once mentioned the word "nuclear," and which closed with Abnejenizad Abdulkareemhazad Abercrombieazad Iran's president calling on George Bush to convert to Islam.

It sounds not only insignificant, but deluded as well. Not that a Strib drooler would recognize delusion when he saw it...

It appears to me the Bush administration wants to go to war against Iran regardless of facts, just as it did in Iraq.

And your conclusion is drawn based on your own personal intelligence assets I'm sure. The one that all lefties are issued that allows them to know absolutely how to handle these things - and write interminably about it.

I wish the president of Iran would publish the letter, that the world might see what Bush & Co. consider "insignificant." At this point, I consider the president of Iran more trustworthy than my own president.

And I consider my psychotic 18 month-old son more intelligent than...


Oh no - I'm not "questioning" Frank's "patriotism". I am however questioning the results of his last clean drug test.

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