Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Moron Mail

Kook-job, thy name is, er, hyphenated:

Nick Coleman is in total denial regarding the DeLaSalle stadium issue (Star Tribune, May 12). He refuses to believe that this issue is much larger than just Rep. Phyllis Kahn and Nicollet Island residents.
Wow you're clever!
Fair 'nuff. Sounds reasonable - even moreso since the writer is disagreeing with nonMonkey. That tends to be a safe postion.
You figured out what to do!
There are many others who are opposed to closing historic Grove Street and building a stadium at this location.
Now the next step.
I buy it. I may disagree with this person, but I don't see why this was chosen as rising to the level of Moron Mailness.
Is to find the hidden haiku!
There are multiple constituencies including preservationists, historians, environmentalists, park lovers and
It's not as hard
OK. We're to the last phrase of this letter. There must be some real drooling stupidity in the last 9 words. Otherwise, I'm sorry for wasting your time.
As it may sound.
those who believe in separation of church and state.
Just go look.
For where haikus are normally found...
Huh, wha?

Yeah, there it is.


Oh, I get it - DeLaSalle is a Catholic high school. And allowing a high school to build a facility in which football is played would somehow advance or promote a religion.

Why do I think there's more than meets the eye here?

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