Friday, May 12, 2006

Nice Try

The Alternate Reality Based Community here in Minnesota is all atwitter about a picture on the front page of Senate candidate Mark Kennedy's website that they purport has been photoshopped to make it look like the congressman caught a big fish.

The drooling masses of the "Big Tent Party" (think: clowns and elephant shit) somehow see a "third arm". Here's MK's homepage with the pic. Here's what the droolers say about it.

Here's a zoomed in version of the "third arm" (click for bigger pic):

See the crinkles on the flesh near the fish's gills? Why that looks like a knuckle. Right where it would be if a GUY WERE REALLY HOLDING A FISH. *gasp!*

(For you DFLers out there: the "knuckle" is that part of your finger that you can never quite get all the way up into your nose.)

And just above the ventral (is that the right word?) fin, and partially obscured by it, you can see Kennedy's elbow.

Again, right where it's supposed to be. *gasp!*

(For you DFLers out there, your "elbow" is that part of your body that you are always confusing with your - oh never mind.)

One Kennedy. Two arms.

And one more hallucination from a group of people who are prone to them.

Please bloviate about "incompetence" some more, please.

UPDATE: Polinaut concurs. With better photo blowuppedness than I am capable of.

UPDATE 2: What makes this nonapology from Jim Jones rew (which even so does acknowledge that the pic was not photoshopped) extra hillarious is it juxtaposition with the rank and file kool aid drinkers' comments on the original lie post:

Liberal babe Says: May 12th, 2006 at 1:51 pm

Worst. Photoshop. Ever. That shadow is totally fake, as is the way he's holding it. As any self-respecting Minnesotan knows, if you've got a fish by the gills, you are forearm-up, with your fingers tucked up and in. Mark seems to be grasping the fish like he would a can of beer Diet Coke, but we don't see any other parts of his hand…Plus the angle has him holding the fish around the middle? Huh?

I'm no fish expert, but the top dorsal looks…odd. And why is that down, when the other fins at are full salute?
Oh, and If you're going to fake a photo op, at least have the decency to remove extra appendages

Worst. Eye. For. Detail. Ever.

It. Wasn't. Even. A. Photoshop. Job.

Suck. On. It.

But then, drinking the kool aid has been known to cause brain damage.

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