Friday, May 19, 2006

Oh, Hello There

Sorry for not providing fix for you Foot Fetishists today (oh, I'm gonna pay for that one in google searches). Crushingly busy and all that. But I'm home now and...

...'s gorgeous outside.

So WTF are you people doing here? I'm fixing myself a VT and going out on the deck. All you loosers losers should do the same.

But if you're intent on some hot KAR action, or you have a laptop and a router (or a neighbor, closeby business etc. has one) so you can do it outside, why not take a stap at the KAR KODE. To my knowledge, only one person has solved it, and we are having a fantastic time in our secret hideaway ripping on Dan - a man who fancies himself as an extremely bright fellow who nonetheless is publicly popping a vessel in frustration that he cannot crack the code.

Fun stuff that.

Now go outside.

Oh, one more thing:

Swiftee is gay!

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