Monday, May 15, 2006

OUTRAGE! More Kennedy Photoshop Chicanery!

The following picture was, until very recently on the front page of Mark Kennedy's website:

It has since been removed (and greatly reduced in size) and placed in one of the obscure back pages of that site.

But once again, we see that the leading wingnut campaigning for the Senate is not above doctoring a photo for political ends.

This is obviously a cheap photoshop job. Look at the flag: the stars on it are *HUGE* compared to the faces of Kennedy and his "family" (if that is indeed his family). Either that is one GINORMOUS flag, or the Kennedy Clan are some weird race of four-foot tall midgets.

And what's more, the doctoring is incompetent. Look at the field of stars again: THERE ARE ONLY 20 STARS!!!!!!! Kennedy's Photo Doctoring Technician couldn't even find an up-to-date image of the Star Spangled Banner to put in as a phony backdrop to this "picture" of Kennedy's pygmy family.

What a disgrace!

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